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Problem Solving

I have taught in only two public schools. One was a wealthy school in Kansas that provided teachers with anything they could use to make the classroom a better place. Even in 1969, my classroom had a phone to connect me to the office and from which outside calls could be relayed to me. It’s hard for folks who work in offices with phones to understand how isolated teachers are. Even today this is still true in many schools. As a teacher you often have 30 or more students who are confined to a room and completely dependent upon you. If one is hurt or becomes ill, a “runner” must be sent to seek help. And if a teacher faces the same fate, there are only children to respond. The unbreakable rule is that a teacher must NEVER leave a class untended. Having a phone with which to communicate with other adults is a luxury. Even a few years ago such tools were unheard of. I had one more than 40 years ago. (more…)

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A Tribute

I know that all the news reports about the passing of Steve Jobs (I really can’t use the word death because it’s impossible to think of him as having done anything more than gone away) have probably left many non-Apple freaks feeling like this is way overblown. After all, he was just a man who ran a computer company. (more…)

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It won’t help. We’ll find someplace to teach no matter what.

I have always said that I teach wherever I am. It could be the Walmart checkout when someone asks the cashier about a plant she’s about to buy. I leap in. “Oh, that’s a green cloud sage. You’ll love it. It will bloom on command. Whenever you want flowers, just water it.” My husband, of course, is rolling his eyes to heaven. (more…)

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