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During Kristin Galle’s sermon Sunday, she spoke of the layers of diversity. During this time of division and differences of viewpoints, I’ve struggled with trying to “accept” views that seem to me so wrong. I cannot understand or easily accept these differences.

But as Kristin spoke, I saw this image in my head that I captured in Arizona last week. We had spent the morning studying the geology that formed these amazing formations. Each one represented a different geological process.

Suddenly, I realized that without each one of these very different “points” this image would have had very little beauty. It was the infinite variations of color, depth, and consistency that made one open-mouthed in awe.

I need to keep this in mind. Each difference adds value to our world even if it’s not “our” difference. Perhaps if I can keep this in mind, I won’t so often throw my hands up in despair at the “idiots” who don’t get it. Maybe.


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Air and Water

wind and water

The title of this image is “air and water” – two essentials of life. I kept trying to crop this image so that the wind spinner and birdbath would be off center to provide a more satisfying balance to the image. Couldn’t make it happen. At that point, I realized how often we try to move “off center” our gifts from God focusing instead on other things. I need to quit trying to create balance and instead accept the gifts that are right before my eyes – dead center!

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Messages of Grace

I have spent the last months in a spiritual study program created by Pastor Rich Nelson called “Following the Way.” My “group” was led by Vonda Drees who combined Rich’s message and with an artistic response. Vonda does amazing “doodles” and we started the study trying to doodle in a similar way. However, some of us found that we wanted to respond artistically in other ways: some in water colors and others using photographic images. I tend to process my world through my photographs so for me it was a logical way to respond. I found that my images came with unexpected messages that I shared along the way. My group has encouraged me to continue using my photographs in this way posting my observations and images on this blog. If you stumble upon these or intentionally follow this blog, I’m delighted. Perhaps these messages of grace can be a comfort or enlightenment to you. Susan Lake

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