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Wordless Sermon

three crossesThe new young pastor’s stole was draped unevenly which was apparent when he turned to face the altar making me yearn to adjust it for him. When he turned around, though, I realized it was the perfect placement. For when he faced us, the three crosses so much more effectively represented the crucifixion because it allowed the center one to be the focus. It also provided a sense of depth that would have been missing if they were perfectly aligned. 
It reminded me that too many of us yearn for and expect perfection in our lives while the imperfections let us see and experience so much more. Pushing for the perfect life is destructive. Instead one should see that it distorts our chance to see God and delight in our world. 
. . .
Interesting to note that I described the placement as perfect. Even in this observation I can’t resist the urge to seek perfection. I’m such the slow learner. 

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Feet that Travel

feetThe feet that belong to these legs have traveled so far and done so much. She began as a very premature infant with medical issues that seemed to say she would not be with us long. She has gone on to earn a Ph.d., traveling the world alone to places such as Peru and Thailand, and becoming a successful triathlete. She has used her legs well always reminding me that barriers are just obstacles to overcome not stopping points.

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The Value of Dark

Arizona is bright. Very bright. It is so filled with light that it’s a challenge to photograph its loveliness. Taking time this morning to process some of my images made me very aware of the importance of dark. So often we think we only want light and joy and happiness. But without darkness and sorrow and grief, we cannot “process” the true beauty of our lives. How often do I rail about the things in life that are uncomfortable without understanding that there can be no “comfort” without distress to balance it.   

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