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Tiny Egg Bites

Tiny Egg Bites.

Breakfast Egg Bites for 3 Quart IP

My Description A Susan Lake Original. Each bite is just about a single mouthful.

Servings: 2


3-4 eggs

Spinach chopped

Tangy cheese

Dehydrated tomatoes chopped

Dehydrated mushrooms

Fresh basil leaves chopped

Fresh thyme leaves

Red pepper flakes

Cracked pepper



  1. Spray tiny silicone muffin container or tiny springform pan designed for 3 quart IP.
  2. Use enough ingredients to give volume to the mix and to reflect your taste preferences.
  3. Whisk until well mixed.
  4. Pour into container.
  5. Place 1 cup water in 3 qt IP with trivet on the bottom.
  6. Place filled container into IP.
  7. Cook 5 minutes for the muffin container and 8 minutes for the springform.
  8. Release pressure and remove container. Let rest a few minutes.
  9. Cover with plate, turn over, and release eggs.

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Kitchens Again

I realized that my previous post omitted something important – it’s what I’ve learned using the kitchens created by other folk. It’s easy to think of what is missing, but there’s also the side of what is missing from mine that I only discovered by being in someone else’s. (more…)

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Most of us “know” just our kitchens. We may have known our mother’s kitchen, but for me and most of my friends that was too long ago to remember. So the only kitchen we have recent experience with is the one we toil in each day. We “see” other kitchens when we visit and maybe even help a bit, but most of the kitchen is hidden behind closed drawers, cabinets, and closets. (more…)

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